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2-Minute Animatic Trailer

I took the drawings from my Concept short movie and I just finished a 2-minute animatic concept trailer for “Eros & Amara Sol” that I’m hoping to shoot.

(I say “just” but I completed it on 5/19/23. Before publishing the trailer here, I showed it to my girlfriend, and made revisions to on 5/20/23. I showed it to another friend on 5/21/23, so I think I now feel comfortable sharing it today, on 5/23/23.)

That was probably waaaaay too much information.

Anyway, I started by writing a voiceover first, then I decided which drawings to use to match the words. Finally, I put the whole thing to music (a prelude by Bach).

By the way, credit to filmmaker Diane Bell for the brilliant idea of making a concept trailer to help attract financing for a feature.

(If you’re curious, this was the concept trailer she shot to raise financing for her Sundance movie Obselidia. It was the inspiration for this animatic trailer.)

Next step? Cast the concept short and shoot the bad boy. (I can create a concept trailer from the short movie as I did with the animatics in order to raise financing for the feature.)

By the way, if by any chance you check out this 2-minute trailer, thank you so much.


Published by Justin Amoroso

In the blog, I post about the movie I want to produce about Amara Sol, "Eros and Amara Sol." Amara Sol writes about what's she's learned since that story of hers on the blog.

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